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FREE DOWNLOAD RPG GAME Nevanoid: Battle Of The Races v1.5.0 FULL VERSION (PC/INDO)

RPG Game Nevanoid: Battle Of The Races v1.5.0

One day Ghoulvoid race called the family to come home race Dimitrix Dracovoid Thunrecrush family named. Ras Ghoulvoid is trying to recruit families Thunrecrush to help them in their plan to conquer the world and exterminate the race of useless / no power. However, the family refused outright Thunrecrush recruitment. Family Dimitrix very disappointed, and they are a threat to the family Thunrecrush counts. Nevan Thunrecrush, son of Deborah Thunrecrush Dern Thunrecrush and assigned to thwart the plans of the Ghoul. With the assistance of his brother, Shen Thunrecrush, he began his adventure until he finds new friends and new enemies. He also had to destroy the Devil Gate 5 has been built Echidnavoid race.

Indonesia RPG Game By Raditya Tyan Ryugasia 


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Size: 52 MB
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